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Regionals 2020

Knoxville, TN

Chi Gamma is proud to announce that we are hosting the 2020 Southeastern Regional Conference in Knoxville, TN. Mark your calendars! Regionals this semester is February 21st through the February 23rd. Regionals is open to all southeastern Theta Tau chapters. Check this page for important information regarding the conference. 

Contact Nicole Beautz, corresponding secretary, if you have any questions.


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Registration Information

  1. Click on 'Store' at the top of Chi Gamma’s website

  2. Under ‘Regionals 2020,’ click on our Regionals Admission option

  3. Add to your cart, and check out

  4. Thanks for supporting Chi Gamma for the 2020 Regional Conference. 


Chi Gamma will be having breakout sessions throughout the day. We are planning to have two sessions before lunch and two after, each having an option of two workshops to attend, eight total. Chi Gamma is in need of 8 chapters to present workshops at the Regional Conference. If your chapter is interested, please email our corresponding secretary with your preferred topic. Some suggestion topics are professional development, recruitment, alumni affairs, service, ritual, bylaws and records, outreach to youth and schools, and public relations regarding getting recognition from universities and other clubs. Presentations should be about an hour, displaying how your chapter currently handles the topic, and what other chapters can do to work on it.

Workshop Sign Ups

1. Iota Epsilon, Professional Development

2. Kappa Beta, Chapter Involvement from the Inside Out

3. Zeta Delta, Community and Youth Outreach

4. David Parker, Ritual Review

5. Regional Directors, Risk Management

6. Chi Gamma Alumni, Professional Development 

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